This morning at church, Gary was leading our congregation in worship.  The microphone system went haywire 2 or 3 times… the first time just about blowing everyone out of their seats.  He never missed a beat and went right on singing.  After about the third time he told us all that this was like life.  You’re going along, trying to stay focused on the things that are important, and from time to time you’re just interrupted with something terribly annoying.  You just have to keep your focus on God.

Of major importance here!  We’ve got to keep in mind the difference between “terribly annoying” and “terribly upsetting”.  There are plenty of annoyances in life.  I don’t need to start a list.  Let’s all keep them in the category where they belong.  They’re not deserving of the effort it would take to write them down or even speak of them.  It’s crying over spilled milk.  Step away.  Move along.

Save your energy and effort for the “terribly upsetting” moments.  They will come.

While many residents of Roosevelt and Curry County of New Mexico sat in worship services this morning, a vehicle driving down the highway blew a tire, sparking a fire that is raging as I type.  Our high plains winds are howling today, we’re in a serious drought, and this fire is just the latest in a series of fires burning over our state this spring.  An hour ago the report said that more than 4000 acres had burned.  It’s still burning.  Our neighboring town is being evacuated.  At one point it was about 10 miles away from our home, giving us a horrific view.  I watched with tears as my family’s ranches burned.

We all take our turns with devastating news.  Let’s all stay focused.  Let’s not wear ourselves out worrying about things that are merely annoying.  We have serious things to attend to!

3 Responses to “Fire!”

  1. Sue Moore says:

    Oh, I hate learning of more devastating fires.
    As we have recently heard stories of the wildfires here in West Texas, the thought that keeps going through my mind is that God is still God and He knows just what I/we need. Thankfully He sees the big picture that we do not. Our job is to yield and to trust. May we always be willing…

  2. Cheryl says:

    Very well said, as usual. I really like your attitude…”They’re not deserving of the effort it would take to write them down or even speak of them.” “Step away. Move along.” Another encouragement to not complain. Thanks, Sandy. Hope the fire is under control.

  3. Sandy says:

    The fire is contained. Many in the community – my family included – are counting their blessings, even in the midst of great loss. As far as I know, no human lives were lost… but some of our firemen were seriously injured.
    As always… everyone has worked together and will continue to do so.

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