Fire King Mug

I have this old green mug.  To be exact, it’s a Jadeite D-Handle Fire King mug.  I just learned all the fancy lingo the other day.  My family was here visiting, I’d made a cobbler, and we were sitting around the table enjoying it with some coffee.  My sister chose this mug that night.

She wondered if we’d noticed the scene in Secretariat with this identical mug. And we all had.  And my niece just pops in with the statement, “Oh… the Jadeite D-Handle Fire King mug!”  Turns out she loves this ware, and her husband had been all over the internet searching it out.

This coffee cup belonged to Nana & Granddad.   Since these are the kinds of things that used to be given away inside sacks of flour, I’m feeling pretty certain that’s where this lone mug came from.  Perhaps it came from a sack of flour that came from the Borden Brothers’ Grocery.

I chose it from the kitchen of the place we call “The Ruidoso House”, our grandparents’ place in the mountains.

Here’s what I love about The Ruidoso House.  Okay, poorly worded.  Here’s SOMETHING I love about The Ruidoso House.  Every single item in the house was well used before it ever arrived there.  Every piece of furniture was old and reupholstered.  Every dish had already been chipped.  The blankets were ancient, and the puzzles were already missing pieces.

And that’s something my grandparents taught me.  Not everything has to be brand-spanking-new.  A penny saved is certainly a penny earned.  I love that mug.  I think of them every time I drink from it.

7 Responses to “Fire King Mug”

  1. Katie says:

    Love this blog!!!! 🙂

  2. Sandy says:

    Katie… I just thought you might!

  3. Kim says:

    Great memories! I love those mugs.

  4. Sue Moore says:

    Unless my memory is faulty, this is exactly like the one that had become my daddy’s favorite coffee mug by the 1960’s.
    Besides the Internet, it seems a good place to find them would be antique shops…and we have some here in San Angelo you can check out for your niece when you visit! Maybe bring her along and we can have a wonderful time searching through the old jewelry AND looking for the mugs!
    See you soon???
    Sending smiles~
    M. Sue

  5. Sandy says:

    Marilyn Sue Moore!! Your invitations are always so much fun for me! One of these days I’m going to show up on your door step! Thanks. =)

  6. Marcea Clive says:

    There had to be at least one in every household.

  7. Cheryl Black says:

    And, again, a great lesson for us in this throw-away society in which we live. Thankful for the young ones (yes, that’s you Katie!) who have already learned that lesson.:) And, for the record, while I’ve heard of Jadeite I never saw it in any of my grandparents’ homes nor my parents’. But we did have that “crystal” that came in oatmeal boxes. I have two fruit cups and two salad/cereal bowls. Will have to post a picture sometime.:)

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