Fourteenth Home – Hollandaise House

From the time we started planning to develop this block of land we own in Portales – how to place the houses, which one we would live in, what style they’d be – I’ve had a nickname for ours… The Hollandaise House. 

You know how we love to cruise, you know how we love delicious food, and you know we’re ready to take a break!   So this house has me dreaming of an ocean feel inside where we’ll leisurely prepare Eggs Benedict for breakfast.

Every house project, starting back in 1982, has been exciting for us.  We’re both loving this one so much. All those previous chapters had us working our way up, trying to establish another business, figuring out another building method, forever pushing hard to keep up with a timeline.  

Not so on this house.  We’re in no hurry, happily downsizing, and happily picking out very new and different finishes.   I do love to decorate.  How wonderful it’s been to work in this industry all these years.  I’ve had so much fun putting various themes together for the homes Gary’s designed for us.

Sometime this fall we’ll move in.  Chapter Fourteen of our lives is yet to be written.  I hope it’s filled with plenty of  delicious Hollandaise sauce and lemon curd in a lovely new courtyard.  Time will tell. 


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