Fourth Home

It’s funny… I drive by this house in Portales almost daily, but it’s one of those small blips on the radar, and I usually don’t think to glance in that direction.  It was a year of transition not only for us, but also for my mom.  We had just moved back from St. Thomas, and she was dreaming up her move to Taos, so the nice little red brick house on Abilene was temporary for all three of us.

We were instantly back into whatever remodeling work we could take on while Gary got his first general contractor’s license.    I may have never laughed as much in my life as I did one night in that house while making a phone call to one of our employees.  Earlier in the day we’d almost knocked out a wall at the wrong address when we realized something didn’t seem quite right. We skedaddled next door in a hurry to begin demolition work in the right place.  That evening, in my best ‘old lady’ voice, I called to tell the guy I’d just found his driver’s license in my house and couldn’t imagine how it got there.  Ha!  I used to love to make prank calls back in the old days before Caller ID.   (And I’ll go to my grave with the secret knowledge of whose house we were in when we almost made that ridiculous mistake!  They obviously weren’t home that day when we let ourselves in to get to work.)

Another fun memory of living in that house with my mother was going absolutely overboard in wrapping my Christmas presents that year.  I’d had three previous years of trying to get my little ornaments wrapped and home on a plane.   That year I just had a ball embellishing everything with fancy ribbons and pearls.  Come to think of it, that may have been the last year I did any kind of wrapping!

I think we were all just coming and going from that house all the time, and it’s actually quite a blur.  We started building a house for ourselves… and that’s the next chapter.



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