Fox Trot

     I am not kidding.  A fox just ran right past us as we sat on the glider this morning.  I heard the sound of a small animal galloping down the porch, caught the sight of something coming out of the corner of my eye… and then, right past our feet, hopping across the flowerbed, on across the driveway and over to the neighbor’s yard… a beautiful little silvery-red fox!

     We live in town – on the edge, actually.  But still, we live in town.  And you just don’t expect a fox to come scampering down the porch while you’re drinking your coffee.

     I almost missed it.  I had almost come inside to start getting ready to go to church.  But I had a little time, no rush… decided it would be nice to just sit there a while longer enjoying the quiet morning.  How many special, simple moments are we missing out on, all because we’re dashing to get to the next place?  Life can become hectic and chaotic without much effort.  I find that I sometimes have to work hard at keeping things calm… not getting too much on the proverbial plate. 

     Delighted to be getting ready for a time of worship this morning.  Delighted the day started so calmly, and I didn’t miss the beautiful little fox trotting through my life.  May your day be peaceful! 

     Remember… 1 Peter 3:11 reminds us that we must seek peace and pursue it!

6 Responses to “Fox Trot”

  1. Doug Young says:

    Wow. So that’s what happens when you get new coffee filters. LOL

    I saw a fox a couple of weeks ago, just down the road from our cottage.

  2. Sandy says:

    Yes! Good thing I bought the filters and the half-n-half last night!!

  3. Marcea Clive says:

    How exciting!!

  4. M Sue Moore says:

    …and just think…that little fox got to see you, too!
    What a delightful picture you painted! Thank you.
    Smiles ~ Sue

  5. Cheryl Black says:

    What a wonderful experience! Seems like around here we just experience new insects! But I appreciate them, too. Wish I knew what some of them are! And our butterflies…three chrysalises hatched and three more to go. The swallowtails are taking a lot longer than the queens. Can’t wait to be able to post some pictures.

  6. Robin Green says:

    I love foxes. I’ve only seen them once in real life. I was driving in Troutdale along a road with lots of trees and undergrowth beside it when a mother fox began crossing the road with her kit of babies following her. I stopped to watch and it took my breath away. The white tip of her bushy tail…. so incredible.

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