There was the time we went on a double date in high school, and we both showed up in cute over-alls with a matching striped shirt… unplanned!  I don’t think we even knew we both had that shirt.  And the time I bought some fabric to sew a dress, and was so excited to describe it to my friend… and that very week she had purchased the very same fabric.

Of course there are those other special dresses… the bridesmaid’s dresses we wore in one another’s weddings.

Imagine my surprise when I visited my friend in Japan years later, and there she was in a photo stuck to her refrigerator with a magnet… wearing an identical dress to one I owned!  And the next morning, when we came out of our bedrooms ready for a day of sight-seeing… both wearing blue jeans, peach-colored sweaters over white shirts, and fresh water pearl earrings.  It was ridiculously predictable.

I stood with that friend in a church building that weekend, listening to her sing a familiar old hymn with Japanese words.  Tears fell from my eyes at the thought of two girls from Portales giggling at Sonic, both living on the other side of the world.

I’m back in Portales, and she’s there in Japan.  Our friendship is knit together with many special bonds.  I rejoice when she laughs.  I weep when she mourns.  And this week I share with her the love of family, and understanding the vastness of the Pacific Ocean.

My love to you, dear friend.


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  1. Sharon says:

    Thanks, Sandy, for the sweet walk through life together…

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