Front Porch Parade

A steady cast of characters streams past my front porch.  I enjoy my own personal viewing area as I take in this show.  While I sit on my old glider, or work at the ever present weeds, the neighborhood passes by.

Many of them have dogs in tow.  Our college professor, the airman recently home from Afghanistan, people we’ve worked for, the girl across the street.

They go running past.  The merchants from the square, the high school athletes, those determined to get in shape.

We see them with their children on tiny bikes and adorable little miniature motorized cars.  Our neighbors stroll past carrying grandchildren and pushing them in strollers.  We marvel that these people are grandparents, because we were all in school together just a few short years ago.

The parents of our childhood friends walk past our yard, and we all wave happy hellos.  Teachers from our days at PHS go by.  We watch the progress of friends who are gaining strength and mobility from knee and hip replacements.  We see our neighbor praying for the community as he walks.

It’s a wonderful parade, and as springtime inches its way toward summer, it just gets better and better.  Walk on by, Portales!  I love seeing you.


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