Game Face

Downhill from Sacsayhuaman to Cusco


We laugh about our first hike with the group in Peru.  The guides met up with all of us in our fabulously quaint hotel in Cusco – a city that sits at 11,000 feet.  We were off to a local market, then on up to the famous ruins of Sacsayhuaman on a “hill” above the city.  A variety of ages from a variety of countries… we began our ascent.

I couldn’t believe how hard it was.  I was doing everything I could to just stay up with everyone.  I couldn’t believe the sweet little chubby girl from England was able to do it, and I was having to work so hard.  Anyway…  on we climbed.  Got to the incredible ruins.  Oohed and ahhed.  Truly marvelous to be there.  An hour or so later, down, down, down we went, back into the ancient city to clean up and meet for supper.  At the table we were all silent.  They were bringing our food, and we were so tired we were just ready to finish the meal so we could get to bed.

Ha ha ha!  The guides started telling us what an impressive group we were, and how no group had ever made that climb as fast as we had. They were really shocked at how we had managed it, and we were in for a great week of hiking together.  And one by one we all busted out laughing!  Each and every person there had felt the same exact way… just frantic that they were going to look too weak to handle it, and every person just willing themselves to put one foot in front of the other without moaning.

It’s my absolute favorite case of “game face” ever. 

We’re off to have another grand adventure with this same outfitter group.  We’ll meet up with another handful of people from around the world, and we’ll trek together for a couple of weeks.  I’m wondering.  Will I put on a game face the first day?  Or if I’m struggling, will I let them all in on that little secret?  I’m betting on the game face!  Time will tell.


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    I hope you have a grand time!!!!

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