The wind was blowing like gangbusters last night.   I thought so as I was listening to it howl from my bed.   Screens on the windows were rattling, gusts were hammering the walls, I hoped (yet again) that my rooster weathervane would survive the blasts.

And I wondered… what, exactly, are gangbusters.   I determined I would spend some time this morning figuring that out.  I do enjoy reading the dictionary.  I keep a huge one by my side, although I’m finally getting more and more comfortable with the ol’ internet version!  But I’ve never looked this word up.  Apparently it was first used in 1971, and I would never have written this as the definition:  outstanding, excellent or successful.   Ha!  That cracks me up.   But sure enough… the wind last night was pretty outstanding.  Probably quite successful in its attempt to move cold weather from the north to the south!

I found a long list of synonyms, and really have to grin at some that work for me.   “Blowing like gangbusters” is just one of my favorite phrases, and I don’t intend to give it up.  So… I hope you’ll enjoy these with me.




Numero Uno

Peachy Keen


There were plenty more listed, but these are just delightful for me.  You see, I’ve taken a vow to not complain about the wind.  I take it seriously.  Once you start complaining about something like that, there’s just no end.  I’m going to try to work these into my windy vocabulary.  Indeed, that was some bang-up, first-rate wind last night.  Not sure it was unsurpassed… but I could tell from the gusts hitting the window above my head… that was some numero uno weather going on out there!  (Sorry.  I really wanted to use ‘peachy keen’… but I don’t think I’m there yet!)

8 Responses to “Gangbusters”

  1. Pam Stevens says:

    As I read your first sentence, I wondered to myself…”I wonder what gangbusters really means” haha Now I know! The wind is a small price to pay, I guess, for the beautiful sunsets and starry summer skies we have here in New Mexico!
    P.S. Don’t ever think you blog too much! I think it’s just “peachy keen”! 😉

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks Pam! I have a new phrase for myself. Blah, blah, blog! Just can’t help myself!
    And you’re right, those sunsets are a great trade off!

  3. bette says:

    How about , “The peachy keen wind blew the pollution passed Portales.”

  4. Kim Mann says:

    From what language does “gangbuster” originate? Latin? Greek? Or maybe from Chicago????

  5. Cheryl says:

    Never stop blogging Sandy! I agree with Pam…it’s just peachy keen! And this afternoon we have your wind. I LOVE the wind…most especially listening to it while drinking hot tea which is what I’m doing right now! But sort of dreading having to take my 3 sleepy ones out for carpool! Temps have dropped in the last hour so windows are fogging up.

  6. Sharon says:

    Ah ha, good blog in light of today’s news that more than100 Mafia gang members have been busted. Wonder how that fits into Websters?

  7. Marcea Clive says:

    I associate gangbusters and the wind, also. But, I have never thought about it being outstanding. Thanks for the definition.

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