Get Well Soup

I pushed my buggy toward the check-out lines… just not in the mood to do “self check”.  I had two pillows along with my groceries, and I knew they’d be a pain in the neck.

Would you believe I intentionally chose the longest line with the groceries piled the highest?  It’s true.  A friend of mine was buying groceries ahead of me, I hadn’t seen her in ages, and I knew it would give me a fun chance to chat.

I know everything about everyone because of Facebook, so I knew this friend had battled the flu a couple of weeks ago.  Being the kind soul that I am, I had taken the time to type “get well soon” in a comment to her… so she knew for sure how much I cared.

Guess why her shopping cart was mounded over with more food than you could shake a stick at.  She knew that several from her church and other friends weren’t feeling well, and she was buying epic proportions of chicken noodle soup ingredients so she could help nurse them back to health.

I think the woman behind me in line was a little agitated at how long it was taking to check out, but I just stood there savoring the moment.  What a kind place this world can be!

My happy mood was almost destroyed when a young woman came barreling past me as I was heading out the door to the parking lot.  She bumped my arm and called out an “oh… sorry” as she ran on by.  I only had a split second to wonder what in the world her big hurry was all about when I saw her catching up to an older woman on a riding cart, then handing her the billfold she had accidentally left behind in the store.

Jolly mood restored.  My community is so sweet.  I hope yours is too. 

Nico, have fun making that soup!


4 Responses to “Get Well Soup”

  1. Kim says:

    What a wonderful world!!

  2. Nico Francis says:

    I am overwhelmed by your kind words! Thank you so much!

  3. Sandy says:

    And I am overwhelmed at all the chicken noodle soup were are planning to make! You are a blessing to all who know you!

  4. Betty Williamson says:

    Even when Nico is NOT making soup, there are few people who brighten a day more! What a lovely story you just shared. Thank YOU.

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