Getting Dressed

It looks like we call one another

And plan to look just like each other

Have you ever heard such

It’s just a bit much

Always dressing the same as my mother!

What in the world?  We show up for church services dressed in matching colors almost always.  I pick her up for breakfast – we’re both in long sleeved red t-shirts and jeans.  We go to an Open House – we’re both in slacks and buttery yellow sweaters.  Well, we laugh about it all the time, and instead of being surprised, we’ve just come to expect it.

And my next rhyme…

Don’t like them, they just make me squeal

My toes do not like how they feel

I’m talking ‘bout shoes

If I could I would choose

Wearing sandals year ‘round, that’s my deal

I love fall and winter.  Just love these seasons.   Jeans and sweaters are the ultimate in apparel for me.  However, the transition into shoes and socks is always a bit shocking for the feet!

5 Responses to “Getting Dressed”

  1. Lawanda Calton says:

    I love these two limericks…..but then I love all of your limericks!

  2. Sandy says:

    No doubt.. you are my biggest fan! Thanks for giving me good limerick material with that dress-alike business! =)

  3. Marcea Clive says:

    Boy, does that all sound familiar. Doris, my babysister and I went to school from 1st grade through 12 grade together. Lots of people thought we were twins because Mother always dressed us the same. She sewed all our clothes and they were always the same. Until this day, we will show up at church dressed in the same colors. I will pick her up for a trip to Clovis and guess what? Same colors, even down to the same color shoes. Like you and your Mom, we have grown to accept it and laugh about it and really we both love that we do it.

  4. Glenda says:

    Oh, Sandy….what a delightful time I’ve just had reading your blogs! Your relaxed writing style just invites one in to really share an experience. Even though Thanksgiving was officially yesterday, I’m giving thanks today for the invitation to share vicariously in your experiences and insights!


  5. Sandy says:

    Thanks Glenda! And thanks for joining! I’m delighted!

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