Getting Ready

She loves the treadmill!

Day 1 – This day has been put on hold repeatedly… but today it finally arrived.  I had to get through the hectic days of June.  I had to wait until after the vacation in July.  Then there was that head cold after we got back home.  When you’re not in shape, there’s always some excuse to put “Day 1” off.  But today I got on that treadmill and did a beginner’s incline routine.  I shall get prepared for the big hike this fall!  It was harder than I expected, but I didn’t lose my lunch (although the option was looming).  There was moaning and groaning, but I sure felt good about it.

Day 2 – I did not moan, I did not groan.  There was a very feeble and exhausted “Oh… whoa!” when I momentarily closed my eyes to recuperate from the 15% grade and almost fell off the back of the machine.

The Next Few Days – Improvement.   Loved the realization that I was actually disappointed my weekend plans would keep me from inching closer to the goal on that treadmill.

For all the pain, it’s truly invigorating to have a fitness goal.  How’s yours coming along? 


2 Responses to “Getting Ready”

  1. Cheryl says:

    My goal hasn’t been very lofty…just trying to make sure I do some activity at least 3 times a week…that would be my yoga (2 days) and my riding. Usually I have another day for some yard work. I am appreciating my mom more and more remembering all the physical activity she continued to do despite awful knee pain. Guess it is like a lot of things. One can’t really sympathize until one is in the same shoes. Still putting off going back to my knee dr.:) Is this the hike you talked about doing for your 50th birthday?

  2. Sandy says:

    Like you, Cheryl, I’m really in awe of the people who persevere amidst pain and suffering. People are tough!! Good for you with your goals.

    Yes, G and I are both wanting to have at least one last hoorah with a great hike while we still can. Celebrating our 50th birthdays seemed like a really good reason. =)

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