Gold Dust at My Feet

There I was, driving down the road on my way to the paint store to pick up a few gallons for the latest project.  Naturally, I was singing along to the radio.  “If I never have a cent, I’ll be rich as Rockefeller.  Gold dust at my feet, on the sunny side of the street.”

I asked myself if I believed that.  It’s easy to reply with a yes, because – as luck would have it – I have a few pennies.  I enjoyed the word play, and the simple little sermon in song.  Seems like a simple choice.  Get over there in the sunshine, and stop choosing the parade in the shade.

I recently found this beautiful paragraph from Thomas Dreier.  His quotes are quite lofty and rich.  Yes, they take you right into the sunshine.  I share his words with you.

“A greater poverty than that caused by lack of money is the poverty of unawareness.  Men and women go about the world unaware of the beauty, the goodness, the glories in it. Their souls are poor.  It is better to have a poor pocketbook than to suffer from a poor soul.”

May you strike gold today!


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  1. Kim Mann says:

    Love that song!!!

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