Grand Asia Bay of Islands

Day 22 – November 16, 2012 – Waitangi, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

The day begins early because we keep losing time. Every day we reset the clocks! Gary dashed off to his final acupuncture appointment with Christopher from Sydney at 8:00. I met him in the standard after-the-appointment-spot by the pool, coffee in hand at 9:00.

We pulled into this gorgeous Bay of Islands around 11:00… truly a bay, filled with over 100 wonderful islands. Rode our tender boat into Waitangi, and started walking to Paihia over a bridge and along the beach. I commented that we’d surely get a beautiful photo of the ship today. I had no idea!!!

ms Amsterdam

Once we made it to the little town, our first and only plan was to find some restrooms. Gary saw a sign for “Public Toilets”, but joked that he was on his way to find out how much the chopper ride would be… as it was parked right there. Ha! A man instantly answered from the shop we were passing by with the price! There he was, brochures in hand, a reasonable price, and the pilot was ready to go right then. Snap decision, and we said yes.

Helicopter Ride

Fabulous ride! Amazing views of all these emerald islands with shining white beaches with turquoise water. Right by the ship of course, all the way to the end of the bay where the first island crops up. Our first time in a helicopter, and another amazing day of memories!

Bay of Islands

The rest of the time was spent meandering, drinking coffee, strolling back to the ship along the beach, stopping every few minutes to enjoy another view from another bench on another strip of beach. This is a special place on the globe!

Beautiful Bay

Back on the ship, up to the Lido for supper, out on the back deck for a lovely sunset sail-away.


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