Grand Asia Day 3

Day 3 – October 28, 2012 – At Sea

This day begins with a huge agenda. Must buy a watch at the poolside sale. Must sign up for excursion tomorrow. Must get dressed up for dinner and dancing tonight. Ahhhh… we’re back!

The day ends. I bought my watch, we got the excursions, I sewed a button on a blouse, and we got all dressed up for a beautiful night of black and white. Unbelievably, we also found time to lounge upstairs in the sun, and to go see “The Artist”, the wonderful silent picture film. A wonderful and relaxing day.

We both had lobster for dinner, and because of some mix-up in our station’s ordering, our guys – Dinny and Widi – brought us a 2nd go round. Yes… two lobster tails each!

Gary in Tux

This was Gary’s first night to wear his new tuxedo, and he looked like a million bucks of course! A nice evening of dancing after dinner, then onto the show to see Annie Frances – an incredible singer from Australia. It’s always a beautiful night on the ship when everyone is decked out in formal wear. Just a very special way to step away from reality!


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