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Day 26 – November 20, 2012 – Fiji

Fiji Holiday

What a special day! We docked in Lautoka and were told we weren’t at an island with any pretty beaches. All aboard was 2:30, so really not enough time to get out to the gorgeous areas of Fiji… so we got off the ship with no expectations other than to meander and see what we could see.

Fiji Pineapple Delivery

First of all… BULA! It’s the greeting, and everyone says it! People just walking down the street, all determined to make us feel welcome, just grinning and saying “Bula!” We were in a mix of Polynesians, African descendants, Indians… and the clothing and shops depicted this beautifully. I got carried away! Bought a beautiful dress from India – with the little pantaloons and a pretty scarf. Also bought an amazing necklace and earrings – later coined my Fijian Bling!

Women of Fiji

We loved the local produce market! Got great photos and later went back for amazing pineapple. There was a parade for peace in the home… women all dressed beautifully in their traditional clothing… the variety of cultures – and a marching band playing “Onward Christian Soldiers”, but also doing a fun dance to the percussion beat right at the intersection where we happened to be standing.

Fiji Parade

We took a nice long walk that actually began at a mosque where children were at school, on around to a Krishna temple, and ending up inside a Methodist Church where women were having their weekly gathering. We sat down quietly in the back on old wooden pews and were treated to the most heavenly choir singing in Fijian. Maybe the most special moment of the whole day.

Fiji Fanta

So much about the place reminded us of Guam. It was a hot and humid day – which made our break for drinks and a tropical smoothie that much more delicious. They had no bottled water, so we got sodas. Gary had a Coke and I had a Fanta. I was reading the label, and it’s bottled right there – probably right next door to the sugar cane factory. Carbonated water, sugar and ascorbic acid in my drink… certainly no corn syrup. Mine was ‘made in Fiji’, but Gary’s was ‘lovingly prepared’ in Fiji! Isn’t that great.. a Coke, lovingly prepared!

This was a place on the globe we’d happily return to!

I wore my pretty new dress to dinner and loved playing dress-up.

Fiji Dress Up

Day 27 – November 21, 2012 – At Sea

Just another beautiful day in paradise – cruising along. Samba lessons. Formal night – so I wore my black velvet dress with my new Fijian Bling. Again – loved playing dress-up. And of course, more steak and lobster. For entertainment tonight we went to the movies… “South Pacific”.

Fijian Bling


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