Grand Asia Hawaii and Pacific

Day 33 – November 26,2012 – At Sea

Today was our Mariners’ Brunch… with the pretty little tile gifts. (And a day for me to discover people who have extras to give me – as well as the wonderful plates they don’t want to take home on the planes.)

“Blue Hawaii” was our movie… and we needed the laughs after the somber shows we’ve been going to this week! Entertainment tonight – The Beatles. The same men who gave us The Beach Boys a few nights ago. Great show, crowd pleasers, lots of fun. We had dinner alone again tonight. Very nice when we get to dine alone and don’t have to carry on with the polite chit chat. =)

Day 34 – November 27, 2012 – Honolulu


Okay… we don’t need to return to Honolulu. Ha! Stressful day trying to walk to the palace, opting out of the tour, catching the bus, missing the shuttle stops. Uggghhh! Happiest time of the day was getting back to the ship for our own luau on the lido. =)

Luau Onboard

Day 35 – November 28, 2012 – Maui

Loved the place. Enjoyed Lahaina and Hanapali. Walked along the shore, played in the water, bought matching Hawaiian shirts (old cars and surf boards) and enjoyed hearing Bing singing Melikilikimaka inside Hilo Hattie’s. Really a beautiful spot we’d happily return to.


Day 36 – November 29, 2012 – Hilo

Went on the excursion to Kilauea and loved it. Wonderful views of the smoking crater, a walk through a lava tube, standing in the steam. This island was beautiful and lush and we hope to return and have the chance to see Kona.


Enjoyed sailing away out on the back deck with Rick & Sue, then dining alone, and on to the excellent concert by a classical pianist. He played a grand variety, and helped put us into the Christmas mood by playing music from The Nutcracker. We are spoiled. Indeed… we are Hollandaised!

Day 37 -41 – November 30, 2012 – December 4, 2012 – At Sea

We begin the journey home. 5 days at sea. We’ve had a marvelous time. If we only had one sea day… that would be fine. Since we have 5, that’s fine too. We will completely unwind, no worries, no agenda, just float on.



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