Grand Asia Singapore

Day 2 – October 27, 2012 – Singapore

Up early from the jet lag, off to the Lido to learn our way around the breakfast scene, then out to enjoy our time in Singapore. What a beautiful morning in the Botanical Gardens. Ahhh… reminiscent of Guam. So much about the two places that seemed identical, and so much opposite! The gorgeous orchids, bougainvillea, palms, ginger.. And yet, this little place certainly lived up to the stories we’ve always heard of cleanliness and low crime. No graffiti, no litter. It was fun to see all the groups in the park doing tai chi and morning exercises.

Singapore Gardens

We had three different taxi drivers, and learned from each one, as well as our first guide who brought us from the airport. I’m sure they can’t imagine our lives of freedom. Hard to imagine the government taking away our chewing gum. Wait.. no.. not hard to imagine. That’s right… they’re taking away large sodas in New York. Aye Adai! (By the way, we tipped our guide who brought us from the airport to the ship with $5 and a pack of gum. She literally did a little dance of joy over the pack of gum. Mainly because she was a fun “Pilar-like” woman, but it was a really fun way to say ‘thank you’!)

Well.. back to Singapore. We loved our time in China Town. I bought the most gorgeous green satin formal blouse. What a joy to be trying on such beauties in a cheong sam shop! We also went to Little India, literally soaking up the sights and sounds. No escaping that music and incense. This kind of market was a first for us, and we really enjoyed it. I bought a pretty little jeweled hair clip to help deal with this long hair in this tropical weather.

Singapore Little India

The dining room is wonderful. Every evening the violinist serenades us while we begin our meal. Tonight after dinner we had our little ‘welcome aboard’ party with the captain and other “heads of state”. Since only a handful joined the ship in Singapore, it was a nice time visiting with the various people who are running this ship.

We stood at the back of the showroom listening to a couple of songs from the flutist tonight, and although he was incredibly good, we had to get to bed to handle the jet lag. Hoping he’ll be giving an encore performance in a night or two.


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