It’s Grandparents Day.  Oh, how I miss mine!  There’s no way to express my love and admiration for all of them in a simple Sunday afternoon sitting.  My friends have heard me sing their praises down through the years, and if you follow me on this journey called “the blog” (what an un-beautiful word!) you’ll get to know them as well.

     They came to the talent shows to listen to me sing and play my guitar.  They gave me dollar bills for my report cards. They let me build forts out of chairs and quilts and pillows all over the living room.  They tucked me in when I spent the night, and they counted sheep to help me fall asleep.  They took me to the mountains.  They cooked feasts and they taught me about hospitality.  They worked hard, and gave me wonderful examples of how people do that without an ounce of complaining.  They were all in my life for many, many years…   more years than most people are blessed with.

     Thinking of these four incredible people today… the ones I called Grandma & Granddad and Nana & Granddad.  Thanking God for that rich and marvelous blessing, my grandparents!

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