Greeting a New Year


Farewell, 2013.  You have been a good year.  We will remember the showers of blessings.  We will be thankful for the days we were healthy, full of energy and life.  We will keep the memories of children laughing, hitting home runs, marveling over new born kittens.

Goodbye, 2013.   There are days of grief marked on your calendar boxes.  We will turn the page and let the pain of those days slip further from our grasp.  Along with triumphs, we certainly experienced low points.  We will learn from those difficult days as we move on.

Greetings, 2014.  We welcome you with anticipation.  We have plans for the future, and with child-like joy we are already counting the days toward special events.  We see weddings, births, graduations, and retirements.  You’ve been on the horizon for awhile, and we can’t believe you arrived so quickly.

Hello, 2014.  Today you are a blank slate.  We know there will be days of struggle and sorrow.  We have become accustomed to such things.  We will do our best to record these dates with grace and dignity.

365 days coming our way.  The thrill of the unknown.  I hope they’ll be ever so grand.  Happy New Year!  


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