Guide, Guard and Direct Us


This week we took a little road trip to Amarillo.  It’s just a couple of hours from home, and it was not for the best of reasons… but we treasured the moments.  G had knee surgery for a torn meniscus, and all is well.

These are the highlights…

Our hotel was hosting a Blue Grass Festival, and that sweet music coming from the atrium was truly a happy serenade the night before the surgery.

In the same hour that I was feeling sad about the people who were checking into hospitals with very serious health concerns, we learned that a friend was indeed in a dire and life-threatening situation.  By the time G’s knee surgery was over, this friend was also making a terrific recovery. 

Portales friends were at the same surgical hospital, and we were able to visit the time away while we waited.

Gary’s forever searching out the food places that are off the beaten path, and we loved our first trip to the Stockyard Café the day before the surgery.  My pork chops were delicious, but the very best thing was the prayer I overheard from the two older women at the table next to us.  Sweet gray hair, a walker parked beside a chair, and these comforting words I’ve heard from childhood… “Guide, guard and direct us.”

I wonder when and where this phrase originated in prayer.  It has been such a common combination of words throughout my life, and the older I get, the more I love to hear them. 

Thankful for another week of peace and safety, having been guided, guarded and directed.


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    Love this, Sandy!

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