Hacking Away


It’s time for a new photo to go along with my weekly newspaper column.  It’s past time.  For one, the old one is two years old.  The new wrinkles need to be chronicled.  For two, my hair is considerably shorter now.  But I couldn’t rush into a new mug shot because the hair has been too disastrous to record.

I had a picture.  I asked for short on the sides, longer in the back.  I got the exact opposite.  I went for the repair cut the following day.  I got shorter on the sides, then two inches shorter than asked for… just for good measure.  There was a two month wait involved, then another damage control appointment.

The hope is that two months down the road I’ll have the style I had in mind in the first place.  Time will tell.

Life is like a haircut.  We have our hopes and dreams.  The powers that be may have totally different designs in mind.  Plans get dashed. We carry on.  We change the deadline dates. 

Humans working together on a vision… results can be frustrating, comical, better than hoped for, worse than imagined.  Let’s keep hacking away at it, shall we?


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