Happy December!

It’s December!  I love this month for so many reasons.  If you’ve been reading my journal through the years, you know how much I love the “Holiday Happening” here in Portales.  It’s today… and I’m out of town.  But I’m there in spirit, and I’ll be looking forward to photos from family and friends.

This is my jewel box for the auction.  I hope it will find a lovely new home, and I hope the money raised will be a blessing to someone in our community.

‘Tis the season.  I’m delighted!


6 Responses to “Happy December!”

  1. Katie says:

    Beautiful! I love the jewel box that you made me, which looks similar to this one!

  2. Marcea Clive says:

    Very pretty.

  3. Bette says:

    Beautiful! Missed you today!

  4. Kay Odom says:

    Really like the box. Lots of work! Beautiful

  5. Lawanda Calton says:

    It sparkled in the light on the big table. I heard many wonderful comments on it!

  6. Kim Mann says:


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