Happy Holidays

This morning it dawned upon me. The next time I have to answer one of those quizzes that asks “What’s your pet peeve?”, I know my response… “When people get upset over being wished a happy holiday.”

I love to hear Bing singing those words. I love the beautiful sentiment.. enjoy the upcoming holy days. I love that people acknowledge that we’re all just wanting to celebrate, and they go beyond the regular have-a-nice-day greeting.

So this morning when I was admonished with the seasonal “It’s Merry Christmas, NOT Happy Holidays”, and it raised my hackles, I decided to declare it my pet peeve.

Please, please… can we just think about the lovely greeting? Does everything have to be a battle? Because truly… there are battles to be dealt with. But someone telling me they hope I’ll have happiness in December… I’ll take that any day of the week.


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