Honey, I’m Home

I’ve written about playground sounds, and the sweet sounds of Bible pages turning.  Perhaps I need a new category for “music to my ears”.

Here’s a sound that I love.  It’s the rattle of a ladder bouncing on a truck rack.  Maybe I should say the “clanging of a ladder”.  I wanted to say “dancing on a truck rack”, but thought that was probably a tad dramatic.  Whichever way you look at it or listen to it… it is, indeed, music to my ears.

I do go on about that husband of mine.  I try not to blather… so I’ll just stop myself short here, and won’t force you to read a list of his endearing qualities.  Today I’ll just say that one of things I’ve always loved about him is his incredible work ethic.  Hard working man!  Always has been.

He’s been driving work trucks with work racks forever.  And there’s always a ladder strapped to the rack.  And the ladder dances on that rack as the pick-up goes down the road.

I love it when I’m working in the yard, or when the windows are open in the house, and I hear that familiar sound of G coming up the street and turning into the driveway.  I’ve been hearing it for decades on different roads and different driveways.  It always makes me smile!

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