A Hoodie Kind of Day

It’s the perfect day for a sweatshirt hoodie.  The kind of day I have been longing for.  You’ve all heard me yammering on about the heat and the drought for months now… and here we go… I was handed this glorious cool day early in September, and I’ve been freezing in a long sleeved t-shirt.

We left the house early to make the forty minute drive to check a job.  After meeting with the electricians and the framers, we were going to ride our bikes.  G is training for a triathlon, and I was planning to tag along.

Stepped outside into the cool morning air and wished for the hoodie, but it was upstairs.  Besides, we were only going to be on the job site for a few minutes, then onto the bikes where we would warm right up… so I skipped it.

This is how days go.  The “few minutes” turned into three cold hours discussing placement of lights and plugs and switches in a brisk September breeze with light sprinkles. How I longed for my favorite butter yellow sweatshirt with the hood.

All this to say a few things.  One… we have survived the summer.  Just like that, we went from blazing hot to perfection.  Two… don’t be lulled into some false sense of reality.  The rule in New Mexico still applies.  Don’t leave home without a jacket.  Three… good things do come to those who wait.  Not only did I have wonderful weather to enjoy all day, we finally managed to get that bike ride in just six hours later than expected.  Yes, one delay led to another.

Anyway, I’ve just had a marvelous time riding my bike in Ned Houk Park.  I’m sitting at a picnic table, the light rain is sprinkling on the tin roof above my head making wonderful music.  G has just come sailing in on his bike… and just in time.  Because I’ve cooled down from my bike ride, and this rainy breeze is cold, and as you know… I don’t have my hoodie!

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