Hot Salsa

One of the things I truly love about being a New Mexican…  Incredible mom and pop restaurants, green chile as a main ingredient on the menu, bull fighters painted on black velvet adorning the walls, Mexican accordion music setting the mood, and fresh salsa so delicious you can’t stop eating it, even though your nose can’t stop running, and the top of your head can’t stop sweating.

My earliest restaurant memories are of El Monterrey in Clovis.  It was there, as a tiny girl, I learned my first Spanish word… “frijoles”.  I’ve been ordering them ever since, and smothering them in salsa!

2 Responses to “Hot Salsa”

  1. Marcea Clive says:

    And, do I ever remember El Monterrey……………

  2. Kim Mann says:

    I miss El Monterrey! Nothing else is like it.

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