How It Began

When I go on vacation, I seem to always play the same little mental game.  I take a break from reality, and part of the fun includes planning a new business.  I’ve been planning businesses since I was a child.  Restaurants, garden statuary shops, camping gear stores, coffee & donut shops… they’ll all been in my daydreams.  And driving down the highway or sitting by a campfire, you can find me with my notebook, scribbling out ideas for marketing, locations, names – oh I love to drum up a good business name!

And it’s all great fun.  I know good and well that we’ll come back to the world of construction, but for a few days here and there, I’m wearing a different hat in my mind.  And I sleep better at night, because the concerns of my vacation jobs are non-existent… but they take the place of the real responsibilities for awhile, and it’s my own little brand of relaxation.

One year ago, at the very end of August, we took off for a fun hiking trip.  It’s one of the first things I blogged about.  Our nephew had just graduated from college, and he was joining us for his first trek into the Pecos Wilderness.  On the drive to northern New Mexico, G and I were asking him all about some of his classes.  He told us about this great seminar he’d taken on running your own blog and creating a business out of it.

Conditions were ripe for my vacation brainstorming!  When we arrived at the trail head and slung the backpacks on, my mind was racing.  I would love to have a blog.  I love writing just about as much as I love singing… so what could be better?   And I could feature my favorite things… the camping gear, the cruises, good coffee and books…

I could hardly wait to get back to my computer and give it a try.  I pumped my nephew with questions the whole time we were in the mountains.  (And got him to agree to help me get set up.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Billy!  I don’t think you’ll ever really know how very much I love having this blog!)

To date, I haven’t made a dime.  Oh… there’s a little bit waiting for me in the commission bank… but it doesn’t balance out with the minor fees for the mailing list and the domain name.  No worries.  It’s pennies really.  A fantastic bang for the buck as far as I’m concerned!

In the past year it has been my pleasure to write close to 200 posts and enjoy more than 1200 comments.  My Field Days has had around 10,000 visits and 20,000 page views.  You’ve joined me from 5 continents, 29 different countries, from over 800 different cities.  I am tickled pink!  Truly!  I thank you all so very much!

5 Responses to “How It Began”

  1. Marcea Clive says:

    Keep it up Sandy. I am looking forward to reading it all for another year.

  2. Cheryl says:

    I’m really impressed with the statistics in that last paragraph! 29 countries! That’s amazing. Thanks for what you do. I love learning more about you AND having my memories stimulated by the memories YOU write about. Looking forward to another year, Lord willing.:)

  3. Sandy says:

    Thank you both!
    I love being able to look at the little map and see where the computers log in from. Portales always has the darkest “blob”. THANK YOU Portales readers. And then I’ve got lots of readers in Houston. How about that! Thanks Cheryl (and your fellow Houstonians!)

    Sometimes I know exactly that a friend of mine has logged on from New Zealand, or that someone’s cousin has found me over in Spain. Other times I just have no earthly idea who might have sat and read 7 articles from a computer in Germany… but it sure is great fun!

    Seems like I’m missing about three of the United States… so that’s a great goal for the upcoming year… readers from all 50!

  4. Linda says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the ride along this year! Thanks for sharing your trips, memories and favorites!

  5. Betty Williamson says:

    It has been great fun following along. Your posts brighten my day, and make me further appreciate our little corner of the world. Congratulations on your first (of many!) anniversaries.

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