Hundreds of House Guests

I come from the pre-computer era.  We got one when I was in junior high, but that was long before anyone considered having a “personal computer”.  My father taught computer science, so we had a Radio Shack TRS-80 in our home in the 70s, and I actually had a job entering data onto that computer, then saving the information to a cassette recorder!  When I was a senior in college, getting my computer science minor, we went to a lab one day where we were all introduced to a mouse.  Oh my goodness!  We laughed and laughed at the fun notion of rolling that thing and trying to connect point A to point B.

All this to say, I was fairly familiar with computers, and had already spent hours and hours and days and days actually “working” on the things long before they began to be marketed as something every household should possess.  I found that to be a ridiculous notion!  What in the world would the average person do with a computer in their house?

“Oh”, people would say… “You could store your recipes on it.”  Give me a break.  I knew all about trying to call up files on a computer with a floppy disk, and no one in their right mind would care to pull up a recipe on a big ol’ contraption in a home office to find a recipe!

My feeble little mind could never have begun to imagine Thanksgiving Day in 2011.  I absolutely marvel at the whole scene.  While frying turkeys and peeling sweet potatoes, I was back and forth to my computer reading instant greetings from family and friends.  I was looking at my sister’s beautiful cranberry salad in the works… a grand photo album from her kitchen in Texas.  My mother e-mailed photos of “Little Brother” in his Pilgrim hat for me to share on Facebook.  Click, click.  Done.

I took a photo of G and his dad carving a turkey using my amazing smart phone and sent it out into cyberspace for all the world to see.  Only one nephew from the Fields family was absent from our family feast, so we pulled out a gadget and chatted with him face to face, even though he was 1700 miles away.

Store recipes on home computers?  You betcha!  I laugh at myself every single time I get out my little Ipad in my kitchen, drum up my very own website, click on “recipes” and pull one up.  Oh my goodness!  What would the average person do with a computer in their house?  Everything!

I loved my Thanksgiving Day.  Loved having friends and family in my home… both in person and on my computer!


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5 Responses to “Hundreds of House Guests”

  1. michelle pond says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Sandy. The home computer is a wonderful way to share the holidays, isn’t it? Computers in our homes of the future. Who knew? Not my dad who was actually a computer pioneer for the federal government in the 1950s. He told me that someday computers would take over everything (that was realized) but that they would be as big as buildings. He never saw the microchip coming or that every home would boast several machines. Dad recognized that phones would increase in importance with regard to the future of commerce, though.

  2. Marcea Clive says:

    Dusty, the little Pilgrim. How cute!

  3. Sandy says:

    Michelle, it’s been an amazing progression, hasn’t it!

  4. Lawanda Calton says:

    Oh my yes! The incredible advancement in such a short time! Your “story” this morning is wonderful!

  5. Cheryl says:

    And so glad it helps me get to know you better!! I’m still not where most people are with electronics (still no cell phone, no ipad, no electronic reader, etc.) but as long as my little Mac-mini keeps working I can research and discover so much. But my favorite part is how it helps us be a part of one another’s lives even though we are miles apart.

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