I Was Wrong

I was so very wrong.

Memories of St. T

I can remember writing the poem… an anniversary gift for my Gary.  We’d spent the last three of our seven years of marriage living on St. Thomas, and we’d be moving back to New Mexico in a few short weeks.  There’s a line in it… “I know there are no memories that can take the place of these.”   Well, perhaps I was partially right.   The memories are always with us.   But all those years ago I could never have dreamed that more island living would come our way.   I did not imagine that so many of my happy days to come would be spent enjoying sapphire blue water with this man, over and over again.

Sapphire Years

Last month we took another break from reality, and for the first time in 26 years we were back on St. Thomas together.  We were back in a jeep on those left-handed, twisting, climbing roads, back at our schools, and back on those gorgeous white sand beaches.  It was a special day on another special cruise, reliving special memories.

Sapphire Memories

The poem is sweet, but I still say I was wrong.   I thought those days were almost make-believe, and that my “real life” wouldn’t be so dreamy.  Not the case.  Every day with Gary has been a marvelous and beautiful adventure.


Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life!


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