I have this icebox.

Although I know plenty of people who still call the refrigerator their “icebox”, this one is honest-to-goodness.  It belonged to Gary’s Grandma and Grandpa Arndt… and was even used by his mom when she was a girl living out on the farm in northern Oklahoma.

What a beautiful piece.  I love it so, sitting there by our dining table.  Inside I keep some papers and pens, and every time I lift that latch to open the little door, I’m astounded all over again at the incredible resourcefulness of that generation.  It’s a tiny thing, and much of it had to be used to hold the big block of ice.  But they made do.  I’m forever grateful and impressed!

My mother-in-law loves to refinish old furniture, and does a beautiful job.  When we were building the barn, she told us she was going to give us this icebox – but not to worry – she would sand it down and remove all the white paint.  Grandma Arndt, in an effort to spruce things up and make them look new, just loved to paint things… the icebox included.  Well, this was no fresh coat of paint.  It had already served its purpose and was wearing mighty thin.  It’s gorgeous.  I’m thrilled with it just like it is.  (And I’m so glad I got my way and the paint stayed.  Thanks Shirley!)

I know it would have been wonderful restored to its original oak finish, but I love the whole story.  Although I only knew Grandma for a short time, I can just picture her working away in her farmhouse, painting that ice box… even putting silver paint on the old hardware.  May I say it again?  I’m impressed.  And I love having the reminder of her hard work right there in my kitchen.

You know what else I love about this ice box?  My great-grandfather ran an ice plant in Oklahoma.  The ice from that plant in Pauls Valley never traveled to Alva, but it’s a nice connection.  (Hey…  An ice connection!  Oh my goodness, it’s fun to write!)

2 Responses to “Icebox”

  1. M. Sue Moore says:

    >Oh my goodness, it’s fun to write!
    And, oh, my gracious, it’s fun to read what you write!
    Thank you for sharing such a delightful history of the memories held by this icebox. It’s almost as though it were speaking itself…
    M. Sue

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks Sue,
    I’m hoping to inspire others to write down the histories of their treasures. Since they can’t speak for themselves… we’d better do it!

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