I’m Glad

My glads are blooming.  I just planted the bulbs this spring, so they’re making their maiden voyage in the yellow and white flower beds.  And we’ve had rain.  Glorious rain coming down from the heavens!  So… everything looks fresh and new and vibrant.

All of that makes me smile and makes me glad, but another reason I smile when I see a gladiolus burst into bloom is the memory of my very first flower bed in my very first house as a young bride.  I have worked in flower beds for as long as I can remember.  Beginning as a small child, I have pulled more weeds and cut out more stickers than could ever be counted.  And I have loved every minute of it!  Some of the memories are more lasting than others… and this memory of planting gladiolus bulbs always shines through.

My aunt came over to my little house to plant them with me.  I don’t remember if she gave me the bulbs or if I had already purchased them… but I know we worked there together getting them in the ground, then shared the fun and excitement when they came up and began to bloom.  Just one of those especially happy moments in time that I’ll always remember.  And every time I see glads blooming, I smile at the memory. Thanks Jane!

I hope we all take a little time this month to create some special memories… not necessarily the big bells-and-whistles kind… just the happy “simple pleasures” kind.

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  1. M. Sue Moore says:

    I am happy with you that you have those special moments in your garden of memories, Sandy. Thank you for sharing with us, for bringing smiles to the faces and hearts of your readers, too.
    Lovingly~M. Sue

  2. Sandy says:

    And special thanks to you for sharing your “Living Lens” with all of us. When flowers are blooming we must take photos and write about them… just can’t be helped!!

  3. Marcea Clive says:


  4. Jane says:

    Sandy, thanks! As we are driving through Indian territory,I was remembering our club with tepee over the mirror and beads around our necks! How lucky to have such fun memories!

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