It’s Election Day

It’s Election Day!  I love America and I love our election process.  I always get very giddy with excitement at the thought of voting, and I also get a little choked up with emotion.  What a privilege!

I’d like to share some happy memories of my favorite voting moments.  They took place on the other side of the globe on the wonderful American island of Guam.  The memories are favorites because they’re so completely unforgettable.

The run up to the elections is filled with non-stop rallies and signs and posters.  Once a candidate for governor has chosen campaign colors, some constituents will even paint the trim of their houses to show support.  There’s a carnival atmosphere while driving to the polls – balloons, music, and barbecue grills in full swing.  That exact required distance from the actual polling site has been measured, and the variety of campaigners are right there on that line calling out names, waving banners, urging everyone to cast votes certain ways.

I remember it well, although it’s been years since I participated in those exuberant elections.  Per capita, Guam boasts the greatest voter turnout in the nation.  Who knows?  Maybe your town will set some records today.  See you at the polls.


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