Just a little reminder about the inner-workings of the blog.

If you do Facebook and would like to get a link to my posts, then I hope you’ll join “My Field Days” on FB.  I always share the link there when I’ve added something new.

If you enjoy my website, I encourage you to sign up for my mailing list over there on the right hand side.  This is my personal site, and the mailing list is completely and privately mine.  This doesn’t put you on any kind of mailing list for the companies I promote, and this is not a list that could or would ever be sold to a third party.  It’s simply a way for me to stay in touch with you with one simple click.   Every couple of weeks I send a personal letter to all my friends on this list letting them know what I’ve been thinking about and writing about.  I love sending letters!  Always have!  And this is just a new and exciting way for me to do so.  It’s simple and safe, and I hope you’ll “join” if you haven’t already.  Basically, it’s just a way for me to jump into your inbox every so often to say “Hey… please don’t forget about me and my field days!”

One day I considered buying one of those little ads over on the side of Facebook just to let “friends of friends” know that I had a website.  I was trying to read through the fine print, and saw that it would be less than 80 cents per click.  Okay… I read on.  Based upon the people who had already “liked” My Field Days, and the number of friends of those friends… there was a potential to reach over 11,000 people.  Yikes!  That’s fun math, and there’s no way all those people would click to join… but the fear of some gigantic bill showing up all for a little bit of fun was a bit overwhelming!

So, definitely not buying an ad like that.  But I’d be delighted for you to share my site with your friends who might enjoy reading about simple pleasures.  It’s been so much fun to reconnect with many of you who used to live in Portales and share common memories.  And it’s been grand to meet new kindred spirits through the site.  It’s just four months old, but I’ve loved every minute of it, and look forward to writing for you in 2011!

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