Just a Saturday

It was just a Saturday.

Just a day at the end of another hectic week.  A day set aside to get caught up in the office without phones ringing every 8 minutes.

I treated myself to coffee on my glider in the morning, while tiny drops of water fell from the sky for a few moments.  The rest of the day was spent writing checks, transferring money around to cover taxes and payments, filling in spreadsheets, keeping an eye on Facebook so I could see what all my people were doing for Saturday fun.

G worked on house plans all day.  And the cobbler’s children actually got a pair of shoes.  For stress relief he worked on our bathroom sink which has had problems for about a year now.

And at 6:00 in the evening I was all caught up with a beautiful, clean and organized desk.  So off I went to my barnyard to relax with the task of pulling tiny little weeds from my huge blanket of grass, chatting with my cat.

And I wished my day upon the world.

A day of feeling caught up.  A day with enough money in the bank to cover all expenses.  A day without terror or persecution.  A day of simple chores finally accomplished.  A day of security.  A day of green grass and healthy crepe myrtles.

My Saturday… how I long to give it to those suffering at the hands of terrorists.  I wish I could give the peace of that day to friends and family looking for light at the end of difficult tunnels.

It was just a Saturday.


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