Just Can’t Wait

Oh these apricots!  Every year… same story.  They are so beside themselves with anticipation that they just can’t wait.  And we shake our heads, because we know that there will surely be at least one more hard freeze.  75 degrees today doesn’t prove a thing.  25 degrees may be just around the corner, or even a month away.  So the crop of would-be apricots is in great peril, and there’s nothing we can do about it.  (This is why no one has apricot orchards for a living in Portales!)

I took this photo this morning with my phone on my way to the mailbox.  Just like the apricot blooms themselves… I couldn’t resist!

How could I not have great food for thought?  Besides hoping for apricot cobbler and cooked apricots with quail and biscuits, I’m also hoping to learn something from these beauties.  I’ve been pondering the importance of just waiting sometimes.  It’s not always the best thing to come rushing in to the rescue, determined to be the first one on the scene.  I have a tendency to want to fix things, and over the years I’ve tried to learn to wait… to take a calmer approach.

The Psalms always remind us to be still before God and wait patiently.  I’ll keep working at that.  I’m glad my cherry tree understands this better than the apricot!

4 Responses to “Just Can’t Wait”

  1. Sue Moore says:

    Good thinking, Sandy. I have an article started on the perils of our dependence on living in an “instant society”; we should have collaborated!
    Beautiful picture even if all else about it should come to naught; however, you just never know for sure…
    Big smiles and keep posting.
    M. Sue

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks Sue. And I’ll be sure to let everyone know what becomes of this year’s apricot crop!

  3. Lori says:

    Even a full grown apricot tree will make you wait… I wonder if God had some lessons in mind for us when He created them that way. We had a wonderful apricot tree in our back yard in Alamogordo. Every other year it produced about 90 pounds of fruit for us! The years in between weren’t as plentiful, but we knew if we’d wait until “next year” we’d have lots! (Lots of apricot preserves, lots of apricot bread, lots of apricots to share!)

  4. Sandy says:

    I think Alamogordo has the perfect climate for apricots and pistachios! Maybe this will be the year that the apricots don’t freeze in Portales. Today I was thinking that, just like people, trees are created with their own unique personalities. (These pear trees of mine… they’re clever!)

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