Lessons from the Fair

Things I learned at the Roosevelt County Fair…

Everyone looks good in a cowboy hat!  Try one on sometime.

If you’re showing your pig and he poops… just whip a rag out of your hip pocket, clean his rump, put that rag back in your pocket, and keep your eye on the prize.  There’s a ribbon out there with your name on it.

If you dance with the same partner for thirty years, you can boot-scoot in sandals and never once worry about having your toes stepped on.  Hooray for wonderful husbands.

It takes a whole lot of volunteers and wonderful citizens to put on something this special.  Do your part.

Truly… thank you to everyone who puts in hours and hours and hours of work to give our community something like this.  And did I mention the thousands of dollars spent at the livestock auction last night?  How excellent to see these kids being rewarded for all their hard work.  What a great week.  Thank you Roosevelt County!

3 Responses to “Lessons from the Fair”

  1. Sharon says:

    I have loved the fair since childhood and Roosevelt County! Great place to live.

  2. Micah says:

    Catching up on the blog this morning!! Riley’s pig pooped right on her before the show even started. She was MORTIFIED!!!! I told her to wipe it off and get on with it, now she was dirty and wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore! I did caution her not to stand directly behind the pig with diarrhea again!!! EWWWW!!!!

  3. Sandy says:

    Oh Micah! That is hilarious!! I had no idea. Well.. then this little article was written just for her, wasn’t it!!! =)

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