Let’s Hear it for Marigolds

What a delightful, unassuming little plant.  When I wrote about being a geranium if I were a flower… I knew what I was talking about.  Those poor geraniums are weary.  They tried really hard this summer, but they are looking a bit worse for the wear.  There are hopes that they’ll have a little renaissance… but my two white geraniums needed more pampering than the summer could afford.  I feel their pain.  It has been one hectic summer for me.

Meanwhile, there’s no way I could have measured up if I’d had some notion of being a marigold.  Day in, day out… whatever comes their way… they just keep thriving and blooming.

Besides all that, when they’ve passed their prime and get crunchy or bedraggled, you just pull them out unceremoniously, and there are already seventy-two little marigolds coming up in the spot, all set to shoot up like weeds, blooming within the week.   And no worries through the winter.  Here they’ll come next year, pretty as you please.

Sweet little unsung heroes, you have been the saving grace of my flowerbeds this year.  Thanks very much!

4 Responses to “Let’s Hear it for Marigolds”

  1. Cheryl Black says:

    Love this! My mother planted marigolds everywhere we ever lived so their fragrance can bring a wave of memories for me. However, the couple of times I tried to plant them here in Texas they didn’t do well. Not sure why. Maybe I should try again!

  2. Sandy says:

    Hmmm… wonder why they wouldn’t do well? Yes, try – try again!

  3. lawanda calton says:

    Yes, they are dependable little guys! Save some of your seeds for me…..I have a certain space of flower bed that is a real challenge! Marigold just may be the answer.

  4. Betty Williamson says:

    Nice to know that even in miserable conditions, there is a little sunshine (of the good kind, not the hot, drying kind!) in the flower beds!

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