Like New

I’ve scraped and scrubbed and I’ve cleaned

Not stopping until it all gleamed

Now my hands feel like grit

But I don’t mind one bit

When the owner walked in, he just beamed


We’re wrapping up a job… carpet comes tomorrow.  Typically when we work on houses, we’re building somebody’s dream home.  This job has been different.  A house struck by lightning, frying the electrical, burning the attic… one of those life-turning-on-a-dime moments for the owners.  What a joy it’s been to make this house over from the inside out.  So sorry they’ve had to go through this trial.  So hoping they’ll enjoy their “new home”!

2 Responses to “Like New”

  1. Cheryl Black says:

    What a great feeling of accomplishment! Portales is lucky to have such great, skilled, caring workers. So are you guys involved in the design at all? We are really trying to get some ideas for our bathroom. Now we aren’t planning on major structural changes, but possibly changing a door. Just wondered if you have any websites or books you like that give you ideas that aren’t too outlandish!

  2. Sandy says:

    You know what.. Gary is just GREAT at design.. if I do say so myself. (I’m his biggest fan!) But since he can’t pop over there today, we always recommend that you look at magazines and actual houses you like and books and movies and commercials.. anything that grabs your attention!

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