Listen For It

I live a couple of miles from the train track that runs through Portales.  In our little town, everyone only lives a couple of miles away from anything!

Anyway, once in a great while – just like this morning, I hear a train going by.  The house just happens to be very quiet… no heater fans blowing, no refrigerator humming, no news playing on the television… and I’ll hear the whistle blow.  And then, if I stand still and listen for it, I can easily hear the sound of the wheels on the track.

I know these trains pass by day and night with me totally unaware.  So I’m always happily surprised when one catches my attention inside my house.  It means that all is calm.  No wind beating against the windows, no noise from the outside world crowding into my life.

The world is determined to march right into our lives, isn’t it?   Before we know it, all peace is gone.  There are these special little moments in time, going past just like the locomotives, and we miss them because of the all-consuming chatter that’s around us.

I hope we all hear something tiny today, something special that catches our attention and gives us a smile.


4 Responses to “Listen For It”

  1. Marcea Clive says:

    I have. My little Missy likes to just walk past her squeeky toys and hit them one time with her nose and then keeps walking. I was in the bathroom and I heard the squeek and I knew what she had done. Not much to anyone else, but it made me smile. It is like she just has to do it to see if they still squeek. She makes me laugh alot.

  2. Sandy says:

    Ahhh… what a sweet little sound! Love it!

  3. Jany Warnica says:

    That reminds me of a special moment with my 3yr old grandaughter who is totally enamered with Thomas the train. She doesn’t see or hear many real trains in Houston where she lives but when she came to visit me in Pampa she loved hearing one pass about every 30 minutes. Later in August we all met in Steamboat Springs Co. Early one morning she and I were on the balcony and we could hear the train in the valley. She said “Shhh…listen… I hear something happening in Pampa!”

  4. Sandy says:

    Oh!! That’s the sweetest!!!
    Thanks for sharing this, Jany!

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