Little Things

It turns out that the huge entry corridor at RM James Elementary is actually just a simple hallway.  And that mansion with the grand boulevard of trees on the corner… just a regular house.  Through the eyes of a child, things become bigger than life.  We revisit places and situations as adults, and discover the river isn’t really so wide, the slide isn’t actually fifty feet tall.

I always thought sleeping in the furniture delivery van, or tossing quilts over sofas and TV trays to make forts was a really big deal.  That’s why I’m working toward preserving a tradition for our summertime family reunion, when cousins come from around the nation.  It’s a simple thing, really.  I have a big yard, we’ve got several tents, so we grill some hotdogs and have a camp out.

The effort is fairly small for the adults involved.  The biggest challenge always seems to be selecting a night that works best.  But for the children who show up for the camp out, I truly hope it’s one of those huge things.  I hope when they’re my age they look back on it with fond memories, and realize that it only takes a simple little thing to give a child something big.


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  1. Kim Mann says:

    The kids love that campout!! Thanks for hosting it!

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