Long Distance

On the high seas. Wouldn't Magellan have loved this!

Here it comes. Another story about me walking uphill in the snow to school as a child.  Well, maybe not that dramatic, but close enough.

When we left Portales for the first time – in our early twenties, off on a Caribbean adventure – we landed on that island and started trying to figure things out.  No internet, no cell phones, and no possibility of getting a landline.  We made copies of letters on an old mimeograph machine, and mailed home faint purplish letters once a month.

A decade later, off to the Pacific, things had improved.  We bought an expensive fax machine to send instant letters, avoiding the $1.60 per minute phone costs.

Ever thankful for the technology and mail service we had, we marveled at those brave souls who came to America on sailing vessels, or who left the original colonies and headed west on this continent, never sure if they’d be able to communicate with loved ones again.

Our niece and nephew are off to Japan with new military orders.  We’ll all e-mail, text, Facetime, Facebook… you name it.  We can watch their baby boy grow through daily pictures.  This technology is absolutely amazing.  I’m mighty thankful for smart people who make smart phones!


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  1. lawaanda calton says:

    It all changed so fast……My daddy rolled out to this area in a covered wagon…he was just a small child. Not much communication back then. Good luck to the family members headed to Japan!

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