Look Sophie…

With her great-grandfather

While the final preparations for the Easter meal were completed, I was somehow awarded the delightful task of holding baby Sophie.  And so we sat there by the kitchen door watching the beautiful hubbub of the food being placed on the bar, while children were streaming back and forth from outside – everyone in eager anticipation of all that was still to come on this special Sunday.

Little Sophia lives hundreds of miles away, and since she recently turned one, this seemed her first holiday to truly be taking it all in… the enjoyable chaos of a huge family.

As the door opened and closed I would say to her, “There’s cousin Brock.”  “There’s cousin Eliza.”  “Here comes cousin Kallie.”  And this went on and on while she sat on my lap ever so calmly watching.

It was time for the prayer, and all the family members gathered in the kitchen forming a very large circle.   I stood up with my precious little great-niece and told her it was time to pray.  “Look Sophie… this is our family.”  And she and I looked around the room at forty beautiful faces of four generations.  I can’t speak for her, but I had a lovely lump in my throat.


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  1. Kim says:

    And so do I!

  2. Betty Williamson says:

    Beautiful. I only saw this today. Be sure to print out a copy for her to cherish when she’s all grown up.

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