Love a Lovely Table

Family Tradition

If I could step back into my childhood for just a few days, I’d love to take my cell phone with me. And this is what I’d do…

I would take so many photos in the kitchen. I’d get my parents making breakfast and dropping battered squash slices, fresh from the garden, into the fry daddy.

I’d take photos of the morning sun streaming through the sliding glass door onto a fresh batch of biscuits on the glass top table.

And all week long I’ve been wishing for photos of the cabinet in one corner of the kitchen that was filled with the lovely variety of placemats and cloth napkins. I’d get plenty of photos of that sweet collection… stacked on the shelves, placed on the table. I’d get someone to take a picture of me placing the knives and the forks and the spoons.

Back in the day of camera film, and watching the 12 count down to 1, I was clueless that photos like that would be priceless someday. We were so cautious with those rolls of film. We had to be. So I store those memories in my mind’s eye.

Setting pretty tables is a sweet tradition in our family. All those years of catching the school bus early in the morning for the ride into town, we always sat down to a pretty table and a good breakfast first.

You’ve taught me many things throughout my life, Mama. It always gives me a happy feeling of contentment when I’m putting plates on a table… and I thank you for making that a part of who I am.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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  1. Kim says:

    What wonderful memories! Happy Mothers Day Mama!!!

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