Love My Job

     For someone who owns a construction company, I’ve become quite spoiled.  For years I’ve worked side by side with Gary, enjoying the labor… getting a kick out of carrying lumber and running saws.  Ten years ago a good friend and co-worker reminded me that I was pushing forty, so he was not going to let me lift a box of ceramic tile.  I let him know I could carry a box of tile, thank you very much.  A decade later, pushing fifty, I’m quite happy for someone else to lift those boxes!

     Mostly I sit at this desk, happily working away with spreadsheets and faxes and checkbooks.  But once in awhile I go to “work”, and this week was one of those weeks.  The job needed to be done, no subs were available, so Gary had me as his right hand man.  It’s been good, hard physical labor.  Thankful I can do it.  Thankful I have this desk job!  Thankful that sprinkled throughout my life is this common thread of building.

      My father gave me an early appreciation for houses.  The summer between second and third grade, our family started building this big house out in the country.  My dad was a professor at the university, but he built this wonderful house on the side.  I will never forget the first night I got to sleep in my bedroom.  I was surrounded by bare 2×4 walls, and slept on the pile of sheetrock!  Mostly I slept at my grandparents’ house, but that was a really special night! 

     So I was a little 8 year old, getting to help with all kinds of things from floor tile to roof tile.   I think mainly I probably drove everyone insane roller skating around the table saw set up in the middle of the living room.  (I’m quite sure it would drive me crazy to have an 8 year old playing roller derby on one of our jobsites today!)  But there I was, a child, smack in the middle of it all, never dreaming that building houses would someday be my life.  So… thanks Daddy, for being patient with me, and for showing me that it was okay for a skinny little girl to be on a construction site.  Happy Birthday to you!

5 Responses to “Love My Job”

  1. Kim Mann says:

    Great memories of climbing up and down a ladder with clay tiles for the roof!

    Happy Birthday Daddy!

  2. cindy gallagher says:

    I always enjoy reading your writing. You have a gift. Memories are such a blessing.

  3. Sue Moore says:

    What wonderful memories of childhood family freedoms you have written in this birthday message to your dad! Each of you is blessed…
    Smiles ~ Sue

  4. Marcea Clive says:

    Great story. Happy Birthday, Billy C.

  5. Cheryl Black says:

    Here’s to patient parents!! What a blessing to have such wonderful memories!

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