Luxury Camping


  Okay… I’m just going to admit it flat out to the world.  I may be getting too old to truly “love” sleeping in a tent.   Oh no… maybe I should take that back.   Well, I still truly enjoy it.  I love the great stories that go along with it.   What’s more fun that telling how your husband just about busted out of his mummy bag when he looked up and saw the gigantic silhouette of a mule against the moonlit backdrop of the tent, like some incredible finger shadow puppet!  That’s just good stuff.  But every year it does get a little bit harder to crawl onto that backpacker’s mattress.

     Hooray!  I realize that this is the problem.  It’s not sleeping in the tent… it’s sleeping in the tent without an air mattress.  (Way too heavy to carry on your own back – but I’ll be speaking to those mules if I ever have the luxury of their assistance again!)

     I’ll admit it.  Earlier this summer we were on a grand driving vacation, and we actually pulled into an RV sales place.  “What are we doing, what are we doing???” kept ringing through my head, all the while, grinning like the village idiot at the thought of a bed, a kitchen and – heaven forbid – a television!  All of you who have these things… you know I love you… but this is something I’m reserving for my geriatric years!!!!  (Yikes, some days they’re really bearing down on me!)

     So it hit me.  The solution to the problem:  Just bring a little more luxury to the campsite.  I bought two fabulous Cabela’s recliners.  Not just recliners, “deluxe recliners”!  Granted, they’re too heavy for a journey into the wilderness, but these chairs are going to see me into my next decade of life… feet up nice and toasty by the fire, hot coffee in one hand, dried apricots in the other.  Nothing ever compares with honest-to-goodness wilderness camping.   But when you’ve got the breeze blowing through whispering pines, dry wood in the vehicle, an air mattress with six fluffy pillows waiting in the tent, a couple of pieces of comfy living room furniture, stars above… an evening just doesn’t get much better than this.

     If it’s been awhile, or even just a few weeks, since you’ve been camping… get on with it!  Need a little temptation?  Click on over to Cabela’s (click here) or Gander Mountain (click here) and dream.

2 Responses to “Luxury Camping”

  1. Robin Green says:

    A couple of recliners won’t put quite the dent in your wallet that an RV would….. plus you save something new to invest in during your ‘elder’ years. I went to the Cabela site and looked at the recliners…. did you get the green ones or the camo-looking ones?

  2. Sandy says:

    Exactly what I thought… a grand bargain for all that luxury!!! I got the green ones… you know me, less is more!

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