Mailing List

Go ahead and join my mailing list

I promise there’s no catch or twist

It’s just a fun way

For me to say ‘hey’

With one simple flick of my wrist

Your address won’t go anywhere

When it comes to that junk mail – I care

It’s between me and you

It’s not risky to do

There are some things I simply won’t share

I won’t flood your e-mail – not me!

An occasional letter you’ll see

It’s your memory I’ll jog

About my weblog

And we’ll all get along swimmingly

Seriously… the mailing list is my private mailing list… the addresses aren’t shared.  You won’t get an e-mail every time I post something on the blog.  I just like to send a letter every week or two to say hello, let you know if I’ve written something dear to my heart… just remind you that I’ve got this little blog thing going on.  (Even if I’ve had your e-mail for years.. this is a brand new address I’m using… and I’d sure love for you to get your name added automatically.)  Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

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