Maillot Jaune

My Favorite Cyclist!

The two words I know best in French – two of only a handful.  And the handful of French words I know all come from my years of watching the Tour de France.

I never want it to end.  Like a wonderful book you can’t put down, but you know with every turn of the page you’re ushering in the final chapter… and that final paragraph is a bittersweet moment…  that’s the feeling I get when the peloton rides into Paris.

And just like a great novel, the Tour is filled with colorful characters, breath-taking scenery, agonizing incidents, exhilarating triumphs.  I laugh, I cry, I cheer.

G and I aren’t big TV watchers.  We’re busy people, and it’s just not part of our routine.  Summers are especially hectic for us with our business, and July is usually grueling.  So this grand bike race offers us a fun respite from it all each and every July.  For three weeks we try to have the day wrapped up so we can relax and actually sit and watch every night around 7:00.  Not to worry, it shows again at 10:00.  If we know we can’t watch in the evening, we make sure to get the race on at 6:00 in the morning.  Yes… for 22 days every summer we become fanatics.

I have a dream of being there in person some day. In the meantime, I’ll just cheer on my own wearer of the maillot jaune!


By the way… Gary’s truly a competitive cyclist.  But I just happen to have a couple of photos that we’re both in.  Here we are in elementary school.  He’s the grand champion up there on his ten speed.  I was the first place winner of the 5th graders… so that’s me down on the bottom left.


And here we are celebrating our 25th anniversary, riding bikes in Peru…

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