Making Mountains

Some years are just better than others at giving us ornament making suggestions.

On the year you take a trek to see Mt. Everest, you’d have to be crazy if you didn’t try to capture that on a little piece of wood.

And so, with much joy, we made some mountains.  A happy memory of our time in the Himalayas.

Brrrrr… it was cold there!


5 Responses to “Making Mountains”

  1. Betty Williamson says:

    Oh, it’s perfect! Love the snow, and can’t even imagine the hours you spent doing this. What a wonderful tradition.

  2. Nico Francis says:

    This year’s ornament captures your trip perfectly! Well done, Sandy!

  3. Margret Evangelista says:

    What a beautiful ornament, and what an awe inspiring feat to make them all (I see almost 150-170 in this picture alone).
    It certainly does justice to the trek itself!

  4. Cheryl says:

    Beautiful! How many did you make?? Amazing.

  5. Diana R says:

    I love it!!! Perfect job!

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