Misty Moisty Morning

     One of my favorite things is waking up to a “misty moisty morning, when cloudy was the weather”.  Today was a day like that.  Heavy dark clouds, almost dark as night.  Coffee on the glider, thunder in the distance, peanuts roasting at Sunland – with the unusual wind pattern drifting the autumn aroma my way.  We just kept sitting out there, having another cup of coffee because it was far too beautiful to come inside.  We had a meeting scheduled for 9:00, so there was really no rush… nothing pressing.  Finally the rain was pouring down, the thunder and lightning too close for comfort, and that was the signal it was time to move on with the day.

     Some mornings are big breakfast mornings. Some are yogurt mornings.   This was a “Hey!  My mom’s gingersnaps are upstairs!” morning.  I headed up the stairs – where my office, mini-kitchen, bedroom and bathroom are located – and was happy as could be.   I would have a homemade gingersnap with that final cup of coffee, maybe have a little time on Facebook to see what was going on with all my friends, then have time to make sure everything was in order for the meeting.  Reaching for my gingersnap it dawned upon me that the windows were wide open (one of the fabulous treats of sleeping in October), and I headed into my bed and bath to close them.   No worries… it was a straight-down rain.

     Hmmmm… actually, no.  It seemed like a straight-down rain on the front porch, but that’s because it was an unusual wind pattern, hence the smell of roasting peanuts reaching me.  Who knew that at some point the wind must have been blowing like gangbusters (whatever they are) sending buckets of rain all over my bathroom.  The walls, the doors, the floors.  Thankfully, much of it just went into the bathtub!  It was nothing, really.  Just a chance to mop the tile floor, wipe down the baseboards, polish the doors.  But the whole time I was thinking how life is just like this.  One moment everything is perfect… couldn’t be better.  The next moment, things turn upside-down… calm turns to frantic.  The hot coffee and delectable gingersnap must be abandoned, because the storm blows in and must be dealt with that very instant.

     Sometimes I am reminded to thank God for uneventful days.  They may not be filled with fantastic memory-making excitement… neither are they filled with words like cancer or car wreck.  Well, days on this earth are just filled with all of it.  Highs, lows, middle-of-the-road.  We get through them all with His help. 

     Enjoy your day!  It’s time for my meeting.

4 Responses to “Misty Moisty Morning”

  1. Lori says:

    Thanks for the thoughts of thankfulness today! I rush through my days too often, not stopping to enjoy it and thank God for his blessings in the midst of being so busy. The rain was a welcome blessing for Rick and I this morning… great for the fields in so much need of rain and great opportunity to slow down a bit and enjoy it!

  2. bette says:

    Why did it rain in your bathroom?????? I loved the thunder and lightning! What a beautiful sound to listen to while reading Habakkuk! It just went along with the theme that GOD is in CONTROL.

  3. Sandy says:

    A huge window over the tub… wide open! I still don’t know how the wind blew that hard with me sitting on the front porch unaware!

  4. Robin Green says:

    I love to enter in to your world via your writing. I could just smell the peanuts and feel the tingle of approaching lightening in the air. And your thoughts about life turning topsy turvy are so true.

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